YooJin Guak is a freelance illustrator and designer working at her own art and design studio called Whimsy Breezy located in Seoul, Korea. After finishing her undergraduate studies in OCADU in Toronto Canada, she decided to move back to Seoul where she was born and raised until her age of 13. Now she's working hard to share her passion for art through various projects and group shows. 

안녕하세요, 일러스트레이터 곽유진입니다. 토론토 캐나다에있는 OCAD University에서 일러스트레이션을 전공하였고, 현재 서울에 있는 개인작업실 '윔지브리지' 스튜디오에서 창작활동을하며 예술에대한 열정을 다양한 분야에서 나누며 살아가고있습니다. 

프로젝트 의뢰, 작품구매, 아트상품 입점 및 다른 모든 문의는 아래의 연락처로 연락부탁드립니다. 감사합니다 :) 


Email:   yoojinguak@naver.com

Phone:  +82) 10 - 2529 - 5751

For inquiries on commissions, original artwork or print/ art products purchase, or any other projects you would like to work with YooJin, please feel free to contact her.

She is looking forward to hearing from you.



Bachelor of Design, Illustration, OCAD University, Toronto

 Awards & Recognition

Group Exhibition

2019 -’BluePrint Show’ - Shop Studio, NYC (MAY)

2018 -’Visual Overdose ; Pixpills Exhibition’ - Rust Bakery, Seoul

-'Post It Show XIV' - Giant Robot 2 Gallery, LA, CA

-'관계속감정 3' - Urban Pluto, Seoul

-'Seoul Illustration Fair 2018' - COEX, Seoul

         -'관계속감정 2' Urban Pluto, Seoul

2017 -'Post It Show XIII' - Giant Robot 2 Gallery, LA, CA

         -'LOS DIEZ from Latin American Illustration Winner Tour Exhibit Sponsored by Epson' - NYC

         -'관계속감정 1' -Urban Pluto, Seoul

         -'Seoul Illustration Fair 2017' - COEX, Seoul

2016 -'Post It Show XII' - Giant Robot 2 Gallery, LA, CA

         'Seoul Illustration Fair 2016' - COEX, Seoul

         'Art on the Rooftop X The삼각형'  -  Micimpact Factory, Seoul

2015-'Post It Show XI' - Giant Robot 2 Gallery, LA, CA

         -'Christmas Exhibition'  - Urban Pluto, Seoul

         -'The 삼각형'  - Urban Pluto, Seoul

         - 'Seoul Illustration Fair 2015' - COEX, Seoul

         - 'Color Therapy' - Gallery I AM, Paju  

         - '커피를 그리다 ' - Sejong Center Gwang Hwa Rang Gallery, Seoul  

2014'Christmas Exhibition' - Gallery Crande, Seoul  

         - 'Post It Show X' - Giant Robot 2 Gallery, LA, CA

         - 'Sweet: 설탕 한 스푼 반' - Mium Gallery , Seoul

         'Ladies' Collection' - Gallery I AM, Paju  

2013 - 'Art Brownie Zoo 2013' - INDEXG, Toronto, ON

2011 - 'Sweat' - Oz Studios, Toronto, ON

         - 'First & Only' - Art Square Gallery, Totonto, ON 

2010 - 'Methinks Holidays PopUp Art Shop Village'  - Project 165, Toronto, ON 

         - 'She Creeps'  - Function 13, Toronto, ON

2009 -'Man and Beast'  - Jet Fuel, Toronto, ON